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My name is Ananur Forma

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What Makes My Readings Different?

First, I'm not involved with Sun sign horoscope readings, like you see in the newspaper. Those kinds of readings are vague and general and could apply to just about anyone. I enjoy researching your chart (see my readings page). That means that I need your birth date, time of birth, and location of birth for an accurate reading. You might need to contact the city hall, hospital, or bureau of vital statistics at the capital city of the state that you were born in to learn your exact birth time if you're not certain.

Second, I am proud to say that I studied with renowned Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in Boston, Ma. during the early seventies. I was part of her "Friday night Fix" meditation group, at B.U.

I studied in many astrology "rap groups" during that time period, which was a great way to learn.

I began teaching beginners Astrology classes in 1976, in Camden/Rockport (Maine) Adult Education classes. I have led workshops combining astrology with meditation and spontaneous surprise experiential practices. Fun is necessary when learning... I had a regular monthly column in "The Maine Well Being," (Portland Maine) for over 13 years. I also have a monthly column in the Crestone Eagle (Colorado) and that's been since 1997. I have had radio shows in Rockland Maine (WRKD) in the '80's and in Alamosa, CO. on the public radio station (KRZA) entitled, "The Daily Astrological forecast, with your ...cosmic pilot." I have a weekly column in the Free Press (Rockland, Maine) which you might be able to find online.

Third, I am a warm, kind human being, no pretense, someone you can talk to about personal matters and know that I honor your process and keep it strictly confidential.... an Astrologer with a Heart. I am trained in the Divine Feminine approach to Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy…what we call: Emotional Release Process. I was trained (experiential) by Ellen Hutchison of Boothbay, Me. in 1985, after many, many years of involvement with my own experience of Primal Therapy in Boston, during the 70’s. I have a padded room at my house for clients who are interested in the process. It is deeply purging of emotions that are hard to get to. If you want, I will email you more information about this process. Usually people going through a “Pluto transit” are ready for this intense experience to clear the inner pathway for enlightenment which is what Pluto “promises” if you, “do the work” which may be necessary, for you. Also Scorpio people seem to be drawn to it. I am inside the padded room with you the whole time, helping you and supporting you.

Fourth, My readings are personal and specific for you, the individual (for more information on my readings see my descriptions). They are based on the positions of the planets. My readings will show you how these positions have affected you in the past, how they are affecting you now, and how the planets will affect you in your future. You have choices which we will discuss together.

Fifth, Please read specific testimonials regarding my readings Progressed Chart, Transit) as to why Astrology with Ananur is your recommended choice,

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Client Testimonials

I've lived in different parts of New England, on the West Coast, and in the Southeast. And, in every locale - I felt differently. In some locations I felt "at home," where as in other towns, I have felt "off." And so based on my experience, I knew that places feel differently to different people. And since I was relocating for the last time (hopefully) - I turned to Ananur Forma for guidance. Ananur is an incredible gift to those of us trying to lead an examined life and put to use all of the knowledge that is out there! She analyzed my natal chart in conjunction with each location (astrocartography) and made recommendations based on which worked best with my specific energy and chart. I was so pleased! Moving is such a big, expensive, and stressful process that I wanted to get it right. Ananur helped me to get it right and I am grateful. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Elizabeth H. Fairfield CT.

I have known Ananur for over 50 years. During this time she has given me many astrological readings and other insightful advice. She is accurate, sympathetic, kind, compassionate and thorough. Her consciousness is very evolved and radiates abundant light and love. She combines all of her extensive knowledge to manifest a highly personalized interpretation. Her expansive intuition never ceases to amaze me. She also keeps abreast of changes in astrological approaches and universal shifts. The brightness of her being infuses every reading. The world is a better place for having Ananur transmitting her light and energy and wisdom into it . (Bonnie Lateiner)

"Working with Ananur over the years has taken my life to new levels, both spiritually as well as physically! Spiritually, in one session with her, I actually was transported to another plane of existence and from there could clearly see the reasons for the turmoil I was experiencing on this 3D plane. This experience changed not only my personal life but also my own healing abilities and understanding.

On a physical level, her readings help guide me to the place to meet the man I was to marry. Her readings over the years have given me greater assurance to accept both the blessings as well as the pitfalls which have come my way, with knowledge that they were for me to have. Thank you, thank you Ananur for showing up in my life!
Shirley Schaan

"Ananur...your astrology work is so spot on!!!
It's as though you read my mind, or are right here observing what is going on with my life. I love that you delve into deeper issues, as we are so much more than what we do to pay the bills. Years ago you wrote a birth chart for my niece, and you mentioned her need for athletic activity as she grew. She outgrew soccer, and now she supplements college and work... with hiking!
Thank you again!!!
B.H. in California

I did a 4 hour astrological session for a group of 10 friends who have known one another since high school They’re in their mid 30’s now. One of the women said to me, ”I don’t think you remember me. I came to you 18 years ago for a reading. At the time I wanted so much to get pregnant. The doctors said they did not think that I could get pregnant, due to the results of the tests they did. You told me that I was indeed pregnant, right now. My son was born about 9 months later and now I have 2 sons!” She blew my mind when she told me that, as I remember at the time telling her she was pregnant, and thinking,” how could I tell her that? What if it’s not correct?” However, Guidance was so strong and just came through me… and “said it.” Not me. I do a meditation before each reading! Signed by Ananur

Ananur, I am emailing you to let you know how the hearing went: It went exactly how you said it would, EXACTLY, and I behaved exactly as you said I should. Right down to the detail, you absolutely nailed it. You also predicted good vibes and happy feelings would follow a few hours after the hearing. Right on this as well! We unexpectedly celebrated our victory over dinner with some dear friends of ours. It felt good to laugh, unwind and have this whole legal issue behind us.

You were also right about a chronic health issue coming to light, and the relief and boost of energy that would follow. I found out that I had some obstruction in my lungs making it difficult to get the oxygen needed, even for simple every day tasks. I began treatment and three days later I felt like I'd been given a second chance. Still improving! I have begun walking every morning again with energy to spare when I get home, and my brain fog is lifting.

Thank you so much for your expertise and generosity in doing 10 charts on me! One for each question asked ahead of time. I have been to about a dozen top rate astrologers in my life, 2 of whom were very well known for their accuracy and skill, and to me, you have been the most amazing and uncanny with predictions. So glad I found you!

Much appreciation and blessings your way, Ananur.